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Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher

Beaucerons du Chateau Rocher

Woodlake, CAus


In our breeding program, we strive to maintain the true Beauceron temperament and working ability: a stable, trainable dog that is a pleasure to live with; a family companion and guardian without being a liability. When I refer to working ability, I am not narrowing it down to just protection ability, as there are many other tasks that the Beauceron performs well. They have natural herding ability and are still used extensively in France for gathering and moving large herds of cattle, sheep or goats. They do well in obedience and agility. They are patient therapy and service dogs. They have excellent noses and make superior search and rescue and disaster dogs. Their calmness and train-ability makes them good candidates for police work. And for those with the ability to train with patience and praise, they can be fun sport dogs for Schutzhund or ring-sport. They excel at the most important job of all... being a loyal family companion.