Privacy Policy


Non-identifying information may be collected through cookies to provide statistical information, such as how many users are on the site, what browsers or platforms they are using, monitor resolution, etc. These cookies collect no personal, identifying information and are used to provide site traffic statistics to potential sponsors and to improve site performance.

Personal information

We only ask for personal contact information and information about a person's cattery or kennel when a breeder subscribes to become a listed on our site. This is necessary to provide adequate information for site visitors to make an informed decision. Stripe, our 3rd party billing service, may require billing information, such as address, telephone number, and credit card information. We never store billing information as that is handled by a 3rd party and governored by their terms of service.

Personal information is not requested of site visitors and site users -- only of listed breeders.

How Personal Information Is Used

The only reason we would use your private information is to contact you ourselves about a billing problem, new site information, subscription reminders, and the like. Your information will never be sold or included by us in any kind of marketing list for the purposes of a third-party advertiser for any reason. If your public information ends up in that situation, it is because this was taken without my permission and you should judge the motives and ethics of the sender accordingly.

Third Party Disclosure will never disclose any of your personal information, except with your advance knowledge and written consent as described in this policy or as may be required by law, or to protect the rights or property of

Direct mailings does not engage in unsolicited mailing, either by email or by the postal service. We will only send site subscribers information specific to their own listing from time to time, such as subscription renewal notices, or very occasional announcements that may affect their listing choices.

Right of Refusal

Site visitors who are not listed breeders will never be asked to provide any personal information by us. If a listed breeder on our site requests information they may do so, however that information is never collected, nor stored by use and not subject to our privacy policies

If you are a listed breeder, there is certain minimum information that must be provided for the creation of your listing. If you refuse to provide the needed information we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account

Removal of Personal Information

You may remove or update any personal information listed on your listing at any time as long as the updated information fills the required information for creating a listing. Once deleted your information is fully removed from our website and our servers. If you'd like use to remove your information you may contact us at any time to do so.