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Kelley Ridge Kennels

Kelley Ridge Kennels

Caddo Mills, TXus


Enter the World of Fantastic Pups for the Hunter & Family. One of the nicest Kennels you will see. Your new puppy will be registered with AKC or IPDBA or FDSB. Champion Bloodline Brittany's "Beautiful Dogs" Dual Quality Brittany's Fantastic Hunting and Show Bloodlines. Bred for sound temperament, solid instincts, Beautiful information and incredible intelligence. Finest Bloodline Llewellin Setters. 100% Humphrey, Dashing Bondhu, Chestnut Tri-Color Belton Llewellin Setters. "The ultimate foot-hunting bird-dogs ever developed.""Unequaled style, ability, and history that no other breed can match" "The oldest pedigree breed of dog predating guns" "Truly Man's BEST FRIEND in or out of the field" Mr. Llewellin's personal Setter ‚Äč Champion Bloodline English Setters An elegant gun dog with the perfect blend of strength, grace, stamina, and style. Our English Setters have a flat type, tri-color coat with feathering on their legs and tails. They move gracefully in the field and also make wonderful house dogs.