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Majestic Tree Hound

Majestic Treehound


The Majestic Tree Hound is a large breed with males averaging over 100 pounds. They have the long, low-set earage (with a minimum length specified), heavy flew and dewlap of their ancestors from the Ardennes. They carry more excess skin in general than the American Blue Gascon, and are noteworthy for their abundant flew and dewlap, as well as facial wrinkles.

The Majestic Tree Hound is a good-natured and affectionate hound, accepting equally both praise and correction. It is not quarrelsome with other dogs and has a noble and dignified expression.

Size Large to Giant
Height 24-30 inches (61-76 cm)
Weight 73-110 pounds (33-50 kg)
Lifespan 10-13 years
Colors Black Black and Tan Blue Brown Gray Red White
Origin United States
Classification Cross Breed
Good Lapcat
Good In Apartments

Good With Children

Good With Dogs

Good With Cats

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