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A rare working dog breed, the Seppala Siberian Sleddog is developed for the purpose of pulling a sled in cold country. It is a moderate-sized dog averaging 18 to 23 kg (40 to 50 pounds) weight and 56 to 58 cm (22 or 23 inches) height. Colours and markings are considered of little importance; eyes may be brown, blue or any combination of the two colours. Seppalas are active and energetic but very docile and trainable.

The defining characteristics of the breed are its natural, primitive appearance, its highly developed work ethic, and its affectionate, cooperative, and highly bonded nature. They tend to be more trainable than other sled dogs and to be more highly bonded to their owners. The Seppälä Siberian Sleddog disposition is active, merry, and often quite inquisitive, although sometimes showing great reserve with strangers. A stable and serious temperament, neither nervous nor aggressive, is characteristic. Natural, innate sleddog mentality is a primary characteristic of Seppälä dogs. Their nature is highly cooperative. They show great seriousness in their work in harness.

Size Medium
Height 22-23 inches (56-58 cm)
Weight 40-50 pounds (18-23 kg)
Lifespan 12-16 years
Colors Black Gray Sable White Piebald
Origin Canada
Classification Purebred
Good Lapcat
Good In Apartments

They are not usually recommended for apartments, however they can live in apartments if well trained and properly exercised. Seppala Siberian Sleddogs are very active indoors and do best with a fenced-in, large yard. Because of their heavy coats, these dogs prefer cool climates. One has to use common sense with respect to maintaining them in the heat by providing adequate shade and air conditioning. This breed prefers to live in packs.

Good With Children

Good With Dogs

Good With Cats

Exercise Needs

The Seppala Siberian Sleddog needs a lot of exercise. When not pulling a sled the breed needs at least a daily walk or jog, but should not be excessively exercised in warm weather.


Moderately Easy Training: The Mudi is average when it comes to training. Results will come gradually.



Grooming Requirements

The coat sheds heavily twice a year. During that time they need to be brushed and combed daily.


Moderate Shedding: Routine brushing will help. Be prepared to vacuum often!



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