Wire Fox Terrier picture
Wire Fox Terrier

Foxie, Wire Hair Fox Terrier, Wirehaired Terrier


The wire fox terrier is short-backed and square-proportioned, but at the same time standing over a lot of ground. Its conformation combines speed, endurance and power, enabling it to gallop and stay with the horses and hounds during the hunt and to follow a fox up a narrow passage. The gait while trotting gets most of its propulsion from the rear quarters. The expression, like the attitude, is keen; the carriage is alert and expectant. The coat is dense, wiry, broken and twisted, almost appearing like coconut matting, with a short, fine undercoat. The outer coat may be crinkled, but it should not be curly.

A true "live-wire," the wire fox terrier is always up for adventure. This breed lives to play, explore, run, hunt and chase. It can be mischievous and independent and may dig and bark. It is usually fairly reserved with strangers. The wire has a reputation for being somewhat scrappier with other dogs when compared to the smooth.

Size Medium
Height Male: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)Female: 13-15 inches (33-38 cm)
Weight Male: 15-20 pounds (7-9 kg)Female: 13-18 pounds (6-8 kg)
Lifespan 12-14 years
Colors White White & Black White & Tan White Black & Tan White Tan & Black
Origin United Kingdom
Classification Purebred
Good Lapcat
Good In Apartments

The Wire Fox Terrier will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. It is very active indoors and will do okay without a yard.

Good With Children

Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

Good With Dogs

Good With Cats

Exercise Needs

Wirehaired Fox Terriers need a daily walk or jog. If it is possible, they would love to run free in a safe area. Keep this dog on a leash if there are small animals around. The urge for these dogs to hunt is strong and they are likely to take off chasing a small animal.


Moderately Easy Training: The Wire Fox Terrier should be obedience trained as a puppy. It requires consistent training and may challenge authority on occasion.



Grooming Requirements

Moderate Maintenance: The Wire Fox Terrier should be brushed several times a week and bathed when necessary.


Minimal Shedding: This dog will shed a negligible amount. Recommended for owners who do not want to deal with dog hair in their cars and homes.



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