Can Dogs Eat Oranges, Tangerines and Grapefruit?

It’s important to feed your dog a complete and balanced pet food. Treats, however, can account for up to 10% of their calories. From packaged snacks to select human foods, there are a lot of options to treat your pet. Practiced veterinarians, Dr. Marty Becker and Dr. RuthAnn Lobos, share their expertise on citrus fruits for your pup.

Fruit – General

“Some fruits and vegetables are a low calorie way to give treats without expanding their waistline,” says Dr. Lobos, “They are a natural source of vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant.  They also have a high moisture content and can help to quench your dog’s thirst on a hot day.”

Can Dogs Eat Grapes and Raisins?

While they may seem harmless, these fruits can cause major damage.  “Grapes and raisins cause kidney failure and should be avoided as a treat for your dog,” shares Dr. Lobos. Be sure to check ingredient labels for raisins in baked goods as well like biscuits or cookies.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

“Can he? Sure! Will he? Maybe, maybe not. Too much of a tasty thing might upset their stomachs, but the peeled fruit of the orange makes a safe treat in moderation for dogs who enjoy it. Be aware, however, that the plant the orange grows on is considered toxic to dogs. The peel and rind, while not toxic, will probably disturb their digestive system,” says Dr. Becker.

Can Dogs Eat Grapefruit?

“Few dogs, if any- will eat grapefruit. It has a bitter taste they don’t enjoy. That said, while the plant it grows on is toxic, and the peel and rind will upset their stomach, the fruit of the grapefruit is safe for dogs to eat,” says Dr. Becker. 

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

“Tangerines, like their cousins the orange and the mandarin orange, are safe for dogs to eat. Not all dogs enjoy them, but the peeled fruit can make a healthy treat as long as it’s fed in moderation,” adds Dr. Becker.

Can my dog eat soy?

“Yes!” says Dr. Lobos, “Soy is a safe protein that provides essential amino acids, or building blocks for proteins in the dog’s body.  It is an ingredient that has been used in a variety of dog foods for many years.