Does my dog have bad digestion?

Do you suspect your dog’s food or allergies are upsetting his digestion? Digestive problems, including gastrointestinal disease, are among the most common reasons dogs are brought to their veterinarians. Digestive problems can be the result of:

  • Food allergies.
  • Infections.
  • Dietary indiscretion.

Dangers of Your Dog’s Digestive Discomfort

Many digestive problems may resolve after a dog’s digestive system is given a chance to rest, but more serious conditions can occur. Weight loss, dehydration and debilitation are all possible consequences of serious digestive problems.

Signs and Symptoms of Upset Digestion

Pay attention to what your dog eats and how it affects him. Some close observation may help you determine the cause of your dog’s discomfort, and will give you more information to share with your veterinarian.

If your dog has an acute or persistent digestive problem, contact your veterinarian, who can determine the appropriate treatment.